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Vintage Audio Repair, Service and Refurbishment

From early 60s amplifiers and turntables, to 80's samplers and sequencers, to modern AV receivers and CD players, JZ Services works on them all. Most interesting are pre 90's devices, with different design layouts and especially hand wired amplifiers and tuners. This is not for the untrained hand to work on, the circuit complexities and age and mechanical wear of components has to be methodically traversed.

More and more devices showing up for sale "Recapped and fully serviced" but with no warranty. Customers are bringing me devices they've bought in this stare of "fully serviced" with faults, replacement of components easily accessed (but the necessary untouched and failing) and some serious cases from the same "workshop" of components/parts being harvested, as the customer is told "this cannot be fixed by anyone"

It's simple for a trained technician to tell who should not be working on audio equipment. Ive seen inside of  enough 3rd party jobs and service sheets (or lack of) to speak about this now.

So, how do you tell if you're taking your equipment to a technician or to a hobbyist or refurbisher.

1. They do not work on modern equipment. Without an understanding of elementary circuit theory, they          

cannot perform component level fault finding, nor the mechancial ability to remove SMD components. "I just dont work on modern equipment" " Its not made like it used to be" is a common excuse. Without an understanding of circuit theory, they can "work" on older equipment, with larger thru hole components, as they just..


2. Replace nearly all the components in a circuit. This will fix it - so they hope, but not always. This is the long way around, at a higher labour rate charged to the customer. "I just replace them all" is used as a preventative maintenance excuse. Removing original components, without being faulty, is in a lot of cases, removing the character and colour behind the sound and performance.

3. Refurbers mostly have a colourful and detailed blog, marketing themselves as experts, to make up for lack of technical ability. Enthrawling to read for the customer and enthusiast, it gives the impression they are looking into a world that they would like to be a part of... meanwhile a dead giveaway within 30 seconds to technicians. We all like "audio porn", but the descriptions of how the process of repair is performed on many "technician blogs" only further strengthens point 1 and 2.

4. Buying a device thats been "recapped and/or serviced?" There should be paperwork. The minimum requirements for warranty by law is 30 days on the area worked on and parts replaced.

For when you need a technician, not a refurbisher or hobbyist.. JZ Services provides an unparalleled level of service and mechanical ability to your cherished vintage audio equipment. The reality behind refurbishers and those who work on vintage equipment only, is that


- They are not experienced, qualified technicians who have trained in workshops. among other experienced technicians. The results ranging from higher labour costs from inefficient processes to mechanical procedures lacking in integrity

- They do not have an understanding of electronic circuit theory that enables component level diagnosis and repair. Without component level diagnosis ability, they replace MOST or ALL components in a circuit, at an unnecessaraly higher labour and parts cost.

- They in extreme cases, upgrade  components that may sound better to the client (and the refurbisher) but are in no way in line with the basics of electronic circuit design.

This can be said after inspecting the insides of various amplifiers and viewing receipt detailing labour and parts costs that have come from the "workshops" of  various WA refurbishers and hobbyists.

All vintage components through the JZ Services workshop provides

JZ Services

- Tube

- Solid State

- Digital

All brands of both modern and vintage Hi Fi Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Tuners, AV receivers and power amplifiers and preamplifiers are worked on. No issue too big or too small

- Channel cut out

- Distorted/noisy channel

- Dial crackle

- Loss of power

- Protection mode shut down

- Ground hum

- Light/LED replacement and screen repair

- Intermittent faults ie power, distortion, audio cut out



Amplifier Service

Just like a car, the preventative maintenance (servicing) of your audio equipment is crucial.  Electronic components and circuitry are designed to work to a tolerance (ie not just fail automatically). Preventative maintenance is strongly suggested for the long life of your amplifier, avoiding costly repairs in the future, and ensuring sound quality, and performance is at a premium.


Quite often, costly repairs with numerous faults, show obvious causes that could've been avoided by


- Preventative maintenance, especially after buying second hand

- Failing to take to a technician on first signs of a fault.

Please see the "Service" section of the FAQs for a rundown of the comprehensive service procedures that will keep your vintage amplifier running into the future, and sounding fantastic or even better than designed to with an upgrade.

Amplifier Refurbishment

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