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Amplifier Repairs

All brands of both modern and vintage Hi Fi Amplifiers, Guitar Amplifiers, Tuners, AV receivers and power amplifiers and pre amplifiers are worked on.

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Tube,  Solid State and Digital Amplifiers and Receivers

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No job too big or small.

Repairs to faults such as

- Channel drop out and distortion

- Power issues ( Intermittent and failure)

- Screen and light failures

- All intermittent faults, from power

  and sound to distortion/humming.

- Amplifier servicing and full refurbishment beyond manufacturer specifications.

Amplifier Servicing

Just like a car, the preventative maintenance (servicing) of your audio equipment is not to be ignored.


"There's nothing wrong with it - it works fine"

is exclaimed by owners of 20+ year old equipment, and even vintage amplifier owners, who have purchased their cherished vintage amplifier new and have never had serviced/maintained.


Preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your amplifier by avoiding costly repairs in the future, and ensuring a high level of performance and sound quality, as per the original design specifications.


Quite often, costly repairs with numerous faults, show obvious causes that could've been avoided by


- Preventative maintenance, especially after buying second hand, where the previous

history is unknown.

- Failing to take to a technician on first signs of a fault.

Check the "Rates" page for costings on service/maintenance of amplifiers. Options for full refurbishment (beyond manufacturer specifications) can be provided on a case by case basis.

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