With over 10 years experience in the electronics industry, your cherished audio device will benefit from the skills and processes developed from being part of ISO certified workshops and innovation award winning teams, developing custom solutions and products for domestic, civil, government and military clients.

Established in 2016 from word of mouth referrals, JZ Services has grown to service vintage and modern audio repairs for domestic and industry clients in Perth and regional areas. A high standard of workmanship is the focus, parallel with customer advice to first rule out any factors that may be affecting your equipment externally ie leads or other components connected to your main equipment.


  • Prompt inspection time of 2-5 days, to order any parts that may be required. If parts on hand, repair is completed when first on the bench. See "Parts" for details of in demand ones kept on hand.

  • When parts arrive, your job is bumped to the top of the work queue, fitted promptly and returned.

  • Drop off your amplifier, turntable, Technics 1200/1210's and Pioneer DJ equipment Sat or Monday - have them ready for the following weekend.

  • Soldering and mechanical skills garnered from ISO certified workshop. Component level repair where possible. Thru hole and SMD down to 0402 size.

  • Most importantly, correct de-soldering techniques. Damage to pcbs from incorrect and/or rushed desoldering techniques is not an uncommon sight. Damage to pcbs causes intermittent faults, and reduces the life span of your device. 3rd party damage is documented at time of initial disassembly.

EAV pcb mangle.JPG
  • Parts support from all major and boutique brands of hifi, DJ equipment and pro audio

  • In demand parts for Pioneer DJ and discontinued Technics 1200/1210 kept on hand for fast turn around. A large stock of components are also held to turn around minor repairs promptly, including turntable belts.

  • Reliable sources for vintage transistors and ICs, that are getting harder to find (but lots of fakes popping up!) Suitable replacements where OEM are not available, can be sourced to meet design specifications. Strong knowledge of what exactly to look for in a real component.

  • When fitting and full disassembly is required, photos of your device are taken. Interesting for the owner to see the  insides of their device and point out what exactly has been replaced.

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Post repair support
  • All devices tested and calibrated before return, and backed by a 90 day warranty. Report provided.

  • Advice provided where minor external servicing procedures can be performed by the user.

  • Turntable owners are shown how to calibrate the tracking force on their tone arms.