Hi Fi & Turntables

Amplifiers (solid state & digital), Tuners, AV Receivers, Speakers and all types of Turntables (belt, direct drive and linear tracking) including Technics SL1200/1210s.

Service packages start at $90 for most models, with a special on 2+Technics 1200/1210's.

New belts, cartridges and styli available, including best prices on the Ortofon 2M range

with service packages.


All repair issues resolved for Technics 1200/1210s - from runaway platters and pitch issues, to power and audio issues. In demand, mostly discontinued parts kept on hand for fast turn around, including the hard to get in Australia, AN6680 pitch control IC.

DJ and Pro Audio

DJ Turntables, Controllers, CDJ's, Mixers, Studio Monitors & PA speakers, Soundcards, Processors and Lighting. All major brands, with in demand Pioneer DJ parts kept on hand for fast turn around.

Ask about Service packages for DJ equipment, all priced at a reduced labour rate and including 6 x tact switches in the cost.

Vintage Audio Refurbishment

Keep your vintage equipment running for years to come. Competent technical staff with a high level of circuit theory knowledge for component level diagnosis, plus mechanical aptitude for work on electronics affected by age and environment


Repair, service or refurbishment beyond manufacturers specifications to improve your listening experience and ensure longevity to your cherished equipment. FAR beyond the usual

"re-capping" a term commonly used by hobbyists to describe a "refurb"