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Sharp VZ-2000 Boombox - Repair and overhaul

Definitely one of the bigger jobs, with not just the size and time taken to dismantle, but a variety of issues requiring repair. The owners folks had stored correctly for a couple of decades, wrapping it in thick plastic, but mice had gotten inside. Needed a good clean out on top of everything else.

Despite turntable motor, platter and arms working, the sensor circuit of the inside platter required repair. Vital for all linear tracking turntables, the sensor detects the gap between songs, and the start and end, so play can be programmed.

The power PCB was also repaired, along with general mechanical and circuit preventative maintenance, and a brittle plastic connector cracking during repair (not uncommon in 40+ year old plastic) This was one of the jobs that was satisfying to have completed, with a variety of faults to work through.

With direct drive and linear tracking turntables movement predominantly circuit driven, JZ Services has the technical understanding to repair circuit faults, and source replacement sensors and motor drive ICs.

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