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Initial fee is $100 for 1 hour inspection period. Minor issues can be resolved in that period, and that's all that you'll pay for labour.

No unauthorised work beyond that. You will be contacted after inspection period, should any further work/parts be required.


Hourly rate is $100, with half hour increments charged according to device (see below)

Amplifiers, tuners and AV receivers

Most small Hi-Fi amplifiers can be fully serviced and calibrated for $200 (1-2 hours labour). More for larger amplifiers. All brands, modern and vintage. The heart of your system, we recommend service and calibration every 10 years or when just bought second hand.

Charged in half hour increments after 4 hours labour.



$130 for belt driven turntable mechanical service and calibration. Most faults on belt drives can be resolved in this time. Direct drive, Idler and Linear tracking models also serviced and repaired. 

New cartridge, styli and tone arm cables supplied and fitted. 

Charged in half hour increments after 1st hours labour.


CD players

All brands worked on, repairing playback issues, sticky trays and audio/power faults. 

With the manufacture of new CD players declining, keep your CD player in good health, with a full service of the transport, including new drive belt and lens calibration for a flat rate of $185


Technics 1200/1210 and DJ Turntables

Standing special for service and calibration (including pitch fader) of 2 Technics 1200/1210s for $200. This also includes other DJ decks (Pioneer, Stanton, Numark etc) Bring in Saturday/Monday for pick up the following Friday/Saturday. Large array of discontinued Technics 1200 parts kept on hand for fast turn around.


DJ Equipment

CDJs, mixers and controllers serviced and repaired, with most minor issues resolved within the 0-1 hours labour ($100) All major brands - Pioneer DJ, Denon, Rane, Zone, Numark, Vestax and more. In demand parts for Pioneer DJ kept on hand for fast turn around - bring in Saturday/Monday for pick up the next Friday.

Pioneer DJ Repair.jpg

Speakers - Powered and Passive

Both home and PA brands of studio monitors. All major and boutique brands. Reconing and refoaming of modern and vintage speakers also.  Most minor issues resolved within 0-1 hours labour ($100) of small to medium size units. 

RCF SUB 708-ASII and ART 310-A.jpg

Cassettes & 8 Tracks

Cassette deck repair. Belt replacement and transport service 1.5 hrs  ($150) includes full service of transport mechanics, plus demagnetize heads and associated components. Circuit issues resolved from channel drop out, to distortion and hum. Calibration tapes on hand specific to Nakamichi and Tascam models

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